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allison_scott2Scott T. Allison is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Richmond. He has authored numerous books on heroism and leadership, including Heroes in 2011; Heroic Leadership in 2013; Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership in 2017; Heroism and Well-Being in 2018; Heroic Humility in 2018; and The Heroic Leadership Imperative in 2020.

His work has been featured in media outlets such as National Public Radio, USA Today, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Slate Magazine, MSNBC, CBS, Psychology Today, and the Christian Science Monitor.  His HEROES blog has attracted over two million visitors.  He loves traveling, chocolate, golf, Star Trek, and ballroom dancing, in roughly that order.

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gregGreg Smith founded Agile Writers in 2011 with the mission of utilizing a new approach to helping beginning writers complete a first-draft novel in 6 months. The Agile Writer Method is based upon the writings of experts in mythology, screenwriting, and psychology. His last three books are Reel Heroes, Reel Heroes & Villains, and Agile Writer: Method.

His seminars on the Agile Writer Method have informed and delighted thousands of writers, scholars, and university students. Since 2011, Agile Writer authors have completed dozens first draft novels, and over a dozen published novels. Greg loves improv, crab legs, comic book heroes, and computer software.


  1. Abe Ray says:

    Have you reviewed the movie “angry birds “

    • Greg Smith says:


      We haven’t yet. But it is on our radar. There are so many good movies to review – and we only do one a week – that we may not get to Angry Birds. However, if you have seen it, why don’t you tell us your thoughts?

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